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Preparing your home for sale involves a lot of preparation and work. I have some very specific goals when it comes to preparing and marketing your home for sale………


Stage it!  I’m not just talking about furniture placement.  Does it need repair work?  Does it need some fresh paint?  Do you need to de-clutter?  How does your lawn look?  Buyers are picky and you need to put your best foot forward!


Price it right!  A home priced too high will never sale.  A home priced too low will move quickly, but you will likely wind up leaving money on the table.


Market it!  It is easy for a real estate agent to put a listing in the multiple listing system and walk away.  But, to market the property takes a lot more effort!  My promise is that the property you are selling will wind up on multiple websites, you will have dynamic fliers at the street and in your home, and other agents will know about your property.


Negotiate the Deal and Paperwork!  I will make sure that you have a complete understanding of the buyers offer, potential pitfall items and more importantly, pricing knowledge so that you get the maximum you can get plus not have to worry about appraisal issues.


Close the Deal!   The heavy lifting starts when you get the contract in place.  I am here to assist you with the inspection process, necessary repairs, moving and getting to the attorney’s table to sign the papers.

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